Things to do in New York City: Sightseeing and Empire State Building

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The apex of the American dream: New York

Things to do in New York City: Sightseeing and Empire State Building

Tourists visit the statue of liberty in New York harbor. (Photo: AP)

April 24, 2014, Thursday/ 15:38:22/ SAİM ORHAN | NEW YORK, todays zaman

Things to do in New York City

New York is the apex of the American dream. Around 300 films are made each year on the streets of New York, and the city attracts some 50 million tourists every year. The shining lights at night, dizzyingly fast pace of life, fierce competition, enormous skyscrapers, stock markets and all its many dangers make it a unique city.

New York is truly a city of extremes. You can find the wealthiest people on the planet in this city, as well as tens of thousands working simply to fill their stomachs. After all, some people’s dreams can come true in this land of opportunities, but others give up on their dreams, and simply struggle to stay alive here.

The annual tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller center in New York.

From the top floor of the Rockefeller Center — owned by the Rockefeller family, one of the wealthiest and most fortunate in the world — one can see all of Manhattan; the skyscrapers, the Hudson River and behind it, New Jersey. The view is incredible. And it is by far the best point from which to look out onto Manhattan, especially from the 70th floor of the building. At that heights, you feel as though you are looking out from an airplane or helicopter coasting above the city.

Thousands of people head to the top of Rockefeller Center to look out over Manhattan every day. To the immediate right is the Empire State Building. Around it is a bunch of other skyscrapers reaching into the air. Downtown Manhattan is filled with enormous skyscrapers behind the Empire State Building. A ticket to take you up to the “Top of the Rock,” as the top floor of the Rockefeller Center is called, costs $21. If you consider that an average of 4,000 people a day head to the “Top of the Rock,” you understand that even if this skyscraper did nothing else, it would make lots of money on a daily basis.

What to do in nyc? Sightseeing and more…

New York’s skyline

The weather was really beautiful when I visited; it was perfect for photographing the enormous city skyline.

Some numbers about New York: There are 12,000 taxis here; around 5,000 municipal buses; 21,000 restaurants; and some 65,000 hotel rooms. Streets and boulevards are crowded, and the city is filled with skyscrapers looming up into the clouds.

One world trade center rises above the lower Manhattan skyline in New York.

Arriving in New York by private car is expensive. Every car entering New York has to pay $8. I couldn’t help but think this might be a great solution to İstanbul’s traffic problem! To put this into perspective, someone coming by car from neighboring New Jersey could expect to spend $50 for a one-day to visit to New York, for the city entrance fee, parking and gas. The prices for parking lots are very high; if someone wanted to go back and forth between their home and Manhattan every day by car, the monthly fee for parking would amount to around $1,000. This means that most people try to figure out a way to come to Manhattan other than by car. It should be noted that insurance agencies also ask customers, “Are you planning on taking your car to Manhattan?” This is because the possibility of an accident in Manhattan is higher than in other places, which is why car insurance companies keep their premium rates higher for Manhattan.

With so many people avoiding bringing their cars into Manhattan, how do people arrive in this place? By taxi, bus, subway or bicycle. There are a lot of places where you can lock up your bicycle throughout the city, even in the shadows of some enormous skyscrapers.

Because the island of Manhattan is fairly flat, it is really easy to use a bicycle, and we see many people using bikes to get around. Also, there appears to be no charge for locking your bicycle up in one of the many spots appointed for that purpose.  On the other hand, we also cannot help noticing, as we tour through the city, that the large chains tied around the bicycles don’t really work; thieves seem to be stealing every part of the bicycle but the chain itself. My son Buğrahan, who has accompanied us on our shoots here, is very surprised to see so many bicycles. And so it appears that even in New York, where security is high, no one can stop bicycle thieves from their intentions.

One of the most famous skyscrapers in New York is the Flatiron Building, built in 1902. With only 22 floors, it is actually quite a bit shorter than some other skyscrapers that mark New York’s skyline. Its triangular shape attracts the attention and curiosity of so many visitors and gives this building prominence in promotion brochures for New York.

We finally come to an enduring symbol of New York’s skyline, the Empire State Building. It is very difficult to fit this entire building into our camera’s lens frame, as it is simply so high. The Empire State Building has 102 floors, and it was built in 1931. Those days, it was the tallest skyscraper in the world.

Heading to the thop of the Empire State Building

When the World Trade Center (Twin Towers) came down in 2001, the Empire State Building returned to its rank as the tallest building in New York. The building stands between 33rd and 34th streets on 5th Avenue. It is now the third-highest building in the United States.

You can head to the top of the Empire State building to look out over Manhattan as well, though only after paying $19 for a ticket. If you don’t want to spend time waiting in a long line, you can pay $41 and be whisked straight to the top, where there is a viewing terrace surrounded by iron railings to prevent people from jumping off, as some 35 people have committed suicide from this point. It is also said that lightening strikes the Empire State Building around 100 times a year. When the weather conditions are bad, the viewing terrace on the 102nd floor is closed to visitors.

New York is a very expensive city; nothing is free here! In fact, you almost feel like you’ll get charged even for the air you breathe while in the city. Though we do notice some free newspapers, which is interesting, since everything else has a fee. It turns out that these free newspapers earn their money from the many ads that their pages carry.

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