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Saklıkent and Tlos

Natural depths and ancient heights: Saklıkent and Tlos Poppies backed by rock-tombs May 15, 2013, Wednesday/ 15:38:00/ TERRY RICHARDSON One of the most varied and satisfying day outings for visitors exploring Turkey’s sublimely beautiful southwest coast has to be that taking in spectacular Saklıkent Canyon and the nearby ruins of the ancient Lycian city of…


Topkapı Palace

Getting to know İstanbul: Topkapı Palace A view of Topkapı Palace and the surrounding neighborhood of Eminönü (Photo: Today’s Zaman) March 25, 2013, Monday/ 15:17:00/ TERRY RICHARDSON In 1762 the English aristocrat Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, the wife of the British ambassador stationed in İstanbul, described what is today the biggest tourist draw in the…


From an ambassador in 16th-century İstanbul

[Turkey Through a Traveler’s Eyes] More musings from an ambassador in 16th-century İstanbul Taken from the Beyazıt fire tower, visible in this file photo are the Nuruosmaniye Mosque, the roof of the Grand Bazaar, the domes of covered bazaars and public houses, the Sultanahmet Mosque and the Çemberlitaş Hamam. (Photo: February 26, 2013, Tuesday/ 12:50:00/…


Ogier de Busbecq in 16th-century İstanbul

[Turkey Through a Traveler’s Eyes] Musings from the ‘capital of the world’: Ogier de Busbecq in 16th-century İstanbul Olgier de Busbecq had to obtain special permission to enter the Aya Sofya, then the Empire’s most important mosque. (Photo: Today’s Zaman, Kürşat Bayhan) February 19, 2013, Tuesday/ 16:47:00/ TERRY RICHARDSON The concept of travel for leisure…


From Diyarbakır to Konya

[Turkey through a traveler’s eyes] From Diyarbakır to Konya with Gertrude Bell in 1909, the journey continues Harput Castle in Elazig’s old center (Photo: Today’s Zaman) January 29, 2013, Tuesday/ 16:27:00/ TERRY RICHARDSON Traveler, historian, amateur archeologist, alpine climber and advisor to the British government on all matters Middle Eastern, the indomitable Gertrude Bell reached…



[Getting to know İstanbul] Yedikule: the ‘forgotten’ fortress The walls and fortress of Yedikule stand out against a general view of İstanbul. (Photo: Today’s Zaman) April 10, 2013, Wednesday/ 16:07:00/ TERRY RICHARDSON Virtually anywhere else in the world, an historic fortification as impressive as Yedikule Hisarı, the “Fortress of the Seven Towers,” would be a…



Exploring Constantinople with Edmondo De Amicis The Golden Horn, rowboats and the Galata Tower as pıctured in the book “Yadigar-ı İstanbul” (Reminiscence of İstanbul) by Nurhan Atasoy, a professor of art history. (Collagea: Selahattin Özdoğan) October 01, 2013, Tuesday/ 12:44:00/ TERRY RICHARDSON Share Tweet Share Print A A When the Italian journalist and travel writer…


From Cizre to Diyarbakır

[Turkey through a traveler’s eyes] From Cizre to Diyarbakır with Gertrude Bell in 1909 Fifth-century Nestorian monastery complex of Mar Augen (Photo: todayszaman — ) January 22, 2013, Tuesday/ 15:25:00/ TERRY RICHARDSON Even today, few foreign women would willingly undertake the journey from Cizre, a fascinating but typically edgy frontier town strategically situated where Turkey, Northern…


Fatih, the Mosque of the Conqueror

Getting to know İstanbul: Fatih, the Mosque of the Conqueror Fatih Camii was built at he behest of Sultan Mehmet II between 1463 and 1470 and recently restored to its former splendor. (Photos: Today’s Zaman) April 23, 2013, Tuesday/ 13:05:00/ TERRY RICHARDSON Boldly crowning the fourth hill of the old city the imposing Fatih Camii,…


Antalya’s ‘alternative’ museums

The historic, the nostalgic and the off-beat: Antalya’s ‘alternative’ museums 1950’s wood stove literary scene. (Photo: Today’s Zaman) November 13, 2013, Wednesday/ 15:12:00/ TERRY RICHARDSON The vast majority of visitors to the vibrant Mediterranean resort city of Antalya stick to a tried and tested itinerary. First-up is usually a mazy meander around the back streets…

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